Yearly Vision

This is a thought exercise for aligning with yourself, intended to be completed yearly. It’s a great tool for reflection, kind of like an advanced New Year’s Resolution exercise.

Without further ado, here is the Yearly Vision Exercise

Different languages available:

Feel free to open a pull request with your own translation!


Credit to this exercise goes to a fellow by the name of Andy Drish who I do not know personally and his Medium article he wrote in December 2015. His current life journey, “to detox from the Western obsession with MORE” as he smartly puts it, is a good reminder to approach this exercise with gentle curiosity and kindness to yourself.

I’ve enjoyed my time with the exercise the last number of years and have shared it with many - now I want to open it up to the community by putting it on GitHub and with that (hopefully) help it grow. I hope Andy won’t mind :-)