Your Yearly Vision

This is a thought exercise for aligning with yourself, intended to be completed yearly. It will take a good half-day to complete. For more information, see the README; thanks/credit goes to Andy Drish for publishing this exercise in 2015.

Step 1: Reflect on the previous year

Take 30-60 min to explore the highs and lows of your previous year. Go through your materials, like your calendar or photos, to remind yourself of memories and experiences. If there are lessons you can distill from those experiences, jot those down under ‘Lessons Learned’

Conclude the previous year

Step 2: Take inventory of the present

Take no more than ten minutes to expound on each aspect of your life and give it a rating on a scale from one to ten, where ten is the best

Pick your own topics to talk about, the following list (in alphabetical order) contains suggestions:

Step 3: Create your vision for the future

This step is about establishing who you want to be in the “far-off” future and then working backwards to align that vision of yourself back to the present day. For the prompts, take time to let your thoughts flow. Limit your time to 30 minutes if you think you’ll go nuts. Then take a break, perhaps drink a coffee or a glass of water. Come back to this step and distill all of these thoughts, looking carefully at any gaps, into a motto for your upcoming year!

In three-to-five years:

One year from today:

And finally..

My motto for the coming year is: